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You can fly from London Heathrow / Manchester and Birminghamand carry 23Kg luggage and 07Kg in hand.
Prices are return, including taxes & subject to availability.
Heathrow Gatwick Manchester Birmingham
FromToAirlinesTypePriceBaggageTravel On 
Please click to more offers.HeathrowMumbaiSwissInDirect fr £4181 PC08JAN18-01FEB18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowDelhiSwissInDirect fr £4271 PC04OCT18-26OCT18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowMadrasSwissInDirect fr £4441 PC03SEP18-23SEP18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowJeddahSwissInDirect fr £4681 PC07FEB18-17FEB18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowBangaloreSwissInDirect fr £5091 PC09FEB18-19FEB18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowGoaSwissInDirect fr £5791 PC25MAR18-17APR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowAmritsarSwissInDirect fr £6131 PC28MAR18-16APR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowKolkataSwissInDirect fr £6561 PC28FEB18-07MAR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowChandigarhSwissInDirect fr £6801 PC02AUG18-30AUG18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowBhujSwissInDirect fr £7371 PC30MAR18-15APR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowAhmedabadSwissInDirect fr £7611 PC31DEC17-21APR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowPuneSwissInDirect fr £8131 PC03FEB18-25FEB18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowTrivandrumSwissInDirect fr £8471 PC29JAN18-13FEB18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowKochiSwissInDirect fr £8811 PC10AUG18-01SEP18

Travel in style and enjoy top value for money

Discover the world with SWISS, your home high up in the sky - whether long-haul flights or numerous destinations in Europe. Count on top value for money, excellent service, a soft spot for children, and our technically advanced fleet.

Check out the following pages for more information about our offers. We look forward to welcoming you on one of our flights with the words: "Welcome on board, this is your captain speaking".

Travelling with infants and children

Mathias Sulger, Intern Online & Social Media Marketing at SWISS

Some time ago we asked you to let us know what you regarded as important when travelling with children. Thank you for the many comments and interesting questions. We have now compiled your questions and provided answers. We hope you find the following information worthwhile and helpful for your preparations for your next trip with children.

You are the centre of attention

SWISS Economy offers you outstanding value for money and friendly service with style. The adjustable headrest, swivel ears and ergonomic seat cushions make for optimal comfort on intercontinental flights. You have a choice of a meat or vegetarian dish for your meal.

SWISS Economy Europe

With SWISS, you can get away lightly - without missing the famous SWISS quality. Our prices always include going and return flights. Depending on the situation, you can change or cancel your booking free of charge or at a fair price. Influence your own fare - obtain regular information on our latest offers and specials.

Makes more of your meetings

Whether on long-haul flights or in Europe - with SWISS Business you are banking on service at its best. Time to relax, time to work, time for gourmet moments and the good feeling that you will be fresh and alert for your next meeting. SWISS Business: an optimum combination of flexibility, efficiency and comfort.

Plenty of free space on all sides

Your decision to choose SWISS Business gives you the benefit of special comforts on intercontinental flights. Enjoy your personal space and the unique SWISS service, and reach your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The business traveller's choice

Anyone who travels frequently on business, especially in Europe, is entitled to demand a great deal from an airline. SWISS offers an optimum solution for every trip. On the ground and in the air. And a solution is only good enough when it suits both you personally and your company.

Flight experience

After a welcome drink (a glass of champagne, fresh orange juice or water), do exactly what takes your fancy on your long SWISS flight - relax, sleep or work. Let us know your personal wishes and we'll help you fulfill them.

Up front the world expands

Comfort, luxury, tranquility and privacy almost like in your own jet. Plus fine food and drinks and a service that leaves nothing to be desired. Gr´┐Żezi (good day) and welcome to SWISS First, your exclusive home high up in the sky. Your absolute comfort is our ambition.

First class flight experience

Your personal refuge
On all long-haul flights the up-front section of the aircraft is governed by a single idea: providing you with the utmost service within the utmost space. We cater exclusively to your wishes. With, as a rule, 8 First Class armchairs in our long-haul aircraft, we can offer you an environment that we can in all good conscience call First Class.

SWISS Taste of Switzerland

On SWISS long-haul flights out of Switzerland you can experience our country's unparalleled culinary variety in the First Class. The chef's exquisite creations include a variety of outstanding vegetarian dishes and are complemented by a selection of premium wines. SWISS First passengers also have a choice of fine champagne and quality teas, and the large table lets a simple meal become an exclusive dinner for two.

Information and entertainment

Help yourself to our wide selection of newspapers and magazines. Since March 2011 there has been an even greater selection to enhance your reading pleasure - including the multiple award-winning SWISS Magazine. You are welcome to take along your copy when we arrive.