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You can fly from London Heathrow and carry 30 KG checked and 07 Kg in hand.
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  • Economy-class
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  • Economy-class
  • first-class

Travelling on SriLankan Airlines Economy Class will be an enjoyable experience. Personal seatback TV, a choice of international cuisine, adjustable seats - all little luxuries that are a part of the new Economy Class on SriLankan. The cabin is spacious with elegantly designed interiors and an in-flight service that makes you feel simply special. Along with our well-trained crew, our mouth-watering dishes and our excellent in-flight entertainment, you are sure to have a pleasant and relaxing journey.


Start your journey relaxing in our comfortable seats. Our A330 fleet and 3 of our A340 aircrafts come equipped with SICMA seats and lumbar-support easing the stress on your lower back during long journeys. Two of the A340 aircraft in our fleet used for short journeys are equipped with RECARO seats without lumbar-support.


The businessman has not been forgotten as SriLankan Airlines also offers 'Satcom', a satellite telephone service connecting passengers to anywhere around the globe, at only US$ 5.00 per minute or it can be used to call family and friends. All it takes is a swipe of the credit card. Passengers can also send faxes from the onboard fax machine and charge their laptop computers at one of three charging stations on board. Added to this is also a seat-to-seat calling facility, which is totally free of charge.


Enjoy a restaurant in the sky with our delicious in-flight meals prepared by our special team of chefs. To reduce the effects of dehydration we serve you refreshments every 45 minutes between meals.


Our selection of 25 movie and 12 TV channels along with 22 radio channels are sure to keep you glued to your seats throughout the flight. We will guide you through our entertainment section with our award-winning In-flight Entertainment Guide, "Onboard", which clinched the prestigious runner-up position at the 12th annual AVION awards conducted by the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) in Los Angeles. SriLankan has clinched the AVION Award winners for best Inflight Entertainment for the Asia & Austrasian region. for the year 2011/2012 On certain short sectors where headsets are not offered due to limited flight time a selection of Charlie Chaplin silent movie classics are played or you can choose from a wide selection of video games


SriLankan Airlines has now introduced 16 video games on its A330 and A340 flights. This includes all sectors operated by these aircraft, including those where inflight entertainment was not previously available. The video games have been chosen to cater to all tastes, and range from checkers, backgammon, blackjack and poker to Galaktor, Tetrix, Magma Zone and Busy Bee.


Passengers can also chart their flight's progress with 'Air Show'. This moving map, which reads its information directly from the aircraft's navigation system, indicates the location, speed, altitude, and estimated time of arrival. In addition, the forward camera, exclusive to only a handful of airlines worldwide, offers visitors a stunning "pilot's eye view" of everything from take-off and landing, to the spectacular scenery en route. A downward camera captures the sights directly below the aircraft, particularly useful when flying over cities or mountain ranges.



SriLankan Airlines aims to cater for all its passenger needs including the provision of special meals for travellers who have particular dietary requirements due to medical or religious reasons. Our extensive range of special meals are prepared or purchased from an approved source.

Business Class passengers have the option of pre-ordering any of the special meals from the selection below. Please note that you must pre-order AT LEAST 48 hours before the departure of your flight. If you wish to pre-order, please click on the meal you prefer, fill out your details in the form that appears and press the "Send" button.

Diabetic Meal

Known as a hyperglycemic diet or sugar-free diet, this meal is based on a daily intake of 1500 calories. Sugar substitutes are used when necessary. If you wish to reserve a total Vegetarian meal, you may select one from our Vegetarian selection.

Asian/Hindu Vegetarian Meal

Asiatic / Subcontinent type of vegetarian dish spicy in content, which includes mainly rice and curry and a limited use of diary products.

Gluten Free Meal

Gluten, a substance found in wheat, barley and rye is excluded in the preparation of this meal. However, we do include milk and dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, rice and corn which are free from gluten.

Jain Vegetarian Meal

Jain Meal is required by the Jain community who are pure vegetarians. Specifically part take of any root vegetables such as ginger, garlic, onion, potato, carrot, beet and radishes are avoided. Contents are restricted to fresh fruit and stem vegetables that grow above the ground

Low Fat Meal

This is a poly-unsaturated fat diet in which Butter, cream, egg yolks, fried foods and shell fish have been eliminated from the menu . Meal consist of food containing a greater proportion of polyunsaturated fats and it is encouraged for high fibre intake.

Child Meal

We believe in providing a varied and healthy diet for children - with salt and sugars added in a natural form. There are three key age ranges for which we cater:- 1 to 6 years, 7 to 12 years, 13 plus.

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