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You can fly from London Heathrow / Manchesterand carry 40 KG checked and 07 Kg in hand.
Prices are return, including taxes & subject to availability.
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FromToAirlinesTypePriceBaggageTravel On 
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £30130 KG06MAR17-13MAR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £30430 KG12FEB17-19FEB17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £30830 KG22MAR17-03APR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £30830 KG15FEB17-15MAR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £30830 KG08MAR17-23MAR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £30830 KG01MAR17-16MAR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £30830 KG06FEB17-10MAR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £31030 KG19NOV17-27NOV17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £31030 KG11JUL17-18JUL17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £31030 KG23OCT17-30OCT17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £31830 KG01MAY17-08MAY17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £31830 KG01MAY17-16MAY17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £33130 KG17MAR17-24MAR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £33330 KG26MAY17-09JUN17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £36730 KG11MAR17-30MAR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £41730 KG20FEB17-15MAY17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £41730 KG21FEB17-15MAY17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £43330 KG29MAR17-09APR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £46830 KG09FEB17-18MAR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £46830 KG16FEB17-23FEB17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £48330 KG11FEB17-16MAR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £48330 KG10FEB17-18FEB17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £48430 KG09FEB17-19FEB17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £49130 KG14OCT17-21OCT17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £49130 KG13OCT17-20OCT17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £49130 KG13OCT17-21OCT17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £49630 KG09APR17-17APR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £50630 KG10FEB17-19FEB17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £57730 KG31MAR17-13APR17
HeathrowDubaiQatar AirwaysInDirect fr £57730 KG31MAR17-07APR17
First Class
First Class Offers
Qatar Airways   5-star dining experience
Arabian hospitality runs deep onboard Qatar Airways. You will be spoilt for choice from the moment you have your signature welcome drink or the traditional Arabic coffee and dates.   Luxurious table linen and exclusive fine bone china transform tables into a grand 5-star dining experience. Dine at your convenience with exquisite a la carte menus accompanied by an exclusive and distinctive collection of hand-picked award-winning wines and champagnes.
Qatar Airways Facilities   First Class Entertainment
Our crew seamlessly combine charm, attentiveness, and respect for your privacy. Enjoy customised service and exceptional individual attention with discretion by our award-winning crew.   A wide seat with a built-in massage transforms into a mini-office, a prestige cinema seat, and an ultra comfortable flat bed. A personal turn down service, elegant sleeper suit and soft blanket will help you nestle under a duvet. Prada luxury products, in an exclusive amenity kit, are available for your personal comfort.
first Class Facilities   First Class Baggage Allowance
Pamper yourself at the Premium Terminal. Enjoy dining experience that combines personal service and delicious meal, or refresh and rejuvenate at the spa.   You have a baggage allowance of 40 kg for all routes excluding transatlantic. Customers travelling on our transatlantic flights have a checked baggage allowance of two pieces with each not exceeding 32 kg. All routes have a carry-on allowance of two pieces not exceeding 15 kg total (50x37x25 cm).
Business Class
Business Class Offers
Qatar Airways Special Offers
  Business Class Services
Feel totally at ease in our sophisticated elegant cabin, where the seats are laid out to give you more room. Settle into your ultra-comfortable seat, rich in technology and features to make your flight both productive and enjoyable.   Your seat provides you with the personal space to carry out your business discreetly so you can focus on the task in hand.
Stay connected with a laptop power outlet, USB plug, personal telephone, and access to live news coverage and newspapers from around the world. Some aircraft are also fitted with our new OnAir service which enables smart phone use in flight.
Business Class fully flat beds onboard   Qatar Airways Entertainment
Qatar Airways goes beyond Business Class with fully flat beds onboard our new Boeing 777s to keep you well rested during your flight. Generous legroom allows you to stretch comfortably and the built-in massager helps you relax.
From cotton-lined pure wool blankets and 100% cotton sleeper suits to luxurious Molton Brown amenity kits, experience a Business Class tailored to all your comfort needs.
  Taking time out from work is not a problem in Business Class. There are over 1000 entertainment options to choose from. Select from the very latest movies, TV, and games or indulge your passion for music by creating your own audio playlist with your personal jukebox.
Food and cuisine   Inflight Facilities
From the moment you are greeted with our signature welcome drink and hot or cold refreshing cotton towels, relish the outstanding in-seat service geared to suit your body clock. At anytime you can choose to dine, breakfast, or enjoy a light snack.   Enjoy a wine programme of extraordinary depth offering new and old world from highly exclusive wineries for the discerning connoisseur. If you are in the mood for coffee or tea, relax with a freshly brewed cup served from an individual porcelain set.
Onboard Facilities 2   Baggage Allowance
Luxurious comfort and sophisticated fine dining await you at the award-winning Premium Terminal. Take advantage of the state-of-the-art business facilities, secretarial services, and complimentary Wi-Fi available to satisfy all your business needs.
Business Class travellers can enjoy seamless 5-star travel when transferring through and departing from Doha International Airport.
  You have a checked baggage allowance of 30 kg total for all routes excluding transatlantic. Customers travelling transatlantic have a checked baggage allowance of two pieces with each not exceeding 32 kg. All routes have a carry-on allowance of two pieces not exceeding 15 kg total (50x37x25 cm).
Economy Class
Qatar Airways offers
Qatar Airways Onboard Facilities   Onboard Facilities 2
After our traditional warm welcome and refreshing hot or cold towels you will soon be at home and ready to enjoy your flight. Onboard one of the world's youngest fleets, your journey will be a pleasure.   Settle into your own personal space in one of the widest seats in the sky. The spacious seats and generous legroom provide great comfort. Fresh pillows, soft fleece blankets, hot and cold refreshing towels, and toiletry pouches will make your journey a pleasant experience.
Qatar Airways Economy Class   Qatar Airways Entertainment
Enjoy 5-star quality meals inspired by the latest culinary trends and made from the finest ingredients, accompanied by a choice of beverages and wines on our long-haul flights. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know your preferences.   Settle back in your seat and let us entertain you with our state-of-the-art Oryx Entertainment System. Choose from over 1000 entertainment options of movies, music, games, TV programmes, and riveting documentaries.
Qatar Airways Offers   Baggage Allowance
For families travelling with infants and children, our crew is prepared to take extra special care of you and your loved ones. From interactive entertainment options and SpongeBob activity kits to specially designed kids' meals-young travellers will find a whole new exciting world onboard Qatar Airways.   You have a checked baggage allowance of 23 kg total for all routes excluding transatlantic. Customers travelling transatlantic have a checked baggage allowance of two pieces with each not exceeding 23 kg. All routes have a carry-on allowance of one piece not exceeding 7 kg (50x37x25 cm).