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Heathrow Gatwick Manchester NewCastle Aberdeen
FromToAirlinesTypePriceBaggageTravel On 
Please click to more offers.HeathrowHong KongCathay PacificDirect fr £44130 KG28MAY18-11JUN18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowManilaCathay PacificInDirect fr £46730 KG16MAY18-31MAY18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowBangkokCathay PacificInDirect fr £47830 KG10APR18-19APR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowDenpasar BaliCathay PacificInDirect fr £48230 KG12APR18-27APR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowBeijingCathay PacificInDirect fr £50030 KG13APR18-28APR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowKuala LumpurCathay PacificInDirect fr £50430 KG12JUN18-28JUN18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowShanghaiCathay PacificInDirect fr £52730 KG03MAR18-18MAR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowPhuketCathay PacificInDirect fr £60930 KG18OCT18-27OCT18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowSeoulCathay PacificInDirect fr £60930 KG27APR18-13MAY18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowSydneyCathay PacificInDirect fr £65230 KG07MAY18-22MAY18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowMelbourneCathay PacificInDirect fr £66930 KG07MAR18-14MAR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowKathmanduCathay PacificInDirect fr £69330 KG13MAR18-28MAR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowDhakaCathay PacificInDirect fr £73630 KG08MAR18-24MAR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowColomboCathay PacificInDirect fr £73630 KG18MAR18-30APR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowCairnsCathay PacificInDirect fr £74030 KG24MAY18-21JUN18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowAucklandCathay PacificInDirect fr £91230 KG10APR18-25APR18
Please click to more offers.HeathrowTokyoCathay PacificInDirect fr £95230 KG02AUG18-12AUG18