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You can fly from London Heathrow and Birminghamand carry 46Kg luggage (23kg x 2) and 07Kg in hand.
Prices are return, including taxes & subject to availability.
Heathrow Birmingham
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HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £40823 KG14APR15-14MAY15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £40823 KG10JUN15-01AUG15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £40823KG X 2 PC02APR15-03MAY15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £40823 KG07APR15-29APR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £40823KG X 2 PC25JUN15-07AUG15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223KG X 2 PC02FEB15-25FEB15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG12FEB15-08MAR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223KG X 2 PC27JAN15-08FEB15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG04FEB15-25MAR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG19JAN15-08FEB15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG18MAR15-06APR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223KG X 2 PC05MAR15-16MAR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG18MAR15-05APR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG02FEB15-05MAR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223KG X 2 PC16FEB15-23FEB15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223KG X 2 PC22JAN15-09FEB15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG09FEB15-24MAR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223KG X 2 PC13JAN15-25JAN15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223KG X 2 PC02FEB15-24FEB15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG21JAN15-10FEB15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG10FEB15-17FEB15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG09FEB15-23FEB15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223 KG19MAR15-06APR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42223KG X 2 PC04MAR15-22MAR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42823 KG08MAY15-17MAY15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42823 KG09MAY15-17MAY15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42823 KG17APR15-26APR15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42823 KG12JUN15-28JUN15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42823KG X 2 PC03APR15-03MAY15
HeathrowHyderabadAir IndiaInDirect fr £42823 KG01MAY15-02JUN15

Economy Class

Air India’s Economy Class. For our budget minded travelers.

  • Choice of Continental or Indian cuisine Non-veg/ Veg.
  • Complimentary liquor/ wine
  • Well positioned movie screens for cinematic viewing pleasure
  • Selection of meals
  • Improved illumination & temperature control systems

Business Class

Air India's Executive Class. A haven for business & leisure travelers.

  • Spacious cabins & plush seats
  • Aisle or window seats for every passenger on 747 aircraft
  • Delectable entrees accompanied by wine
  • Exclusive check-in facility
  • Lounge facility
  • Amenity kit in an elegant pouch

First Class

Air India's First Class. The New Definition of Luxury

One step. Just one step on board Air India's First Class will exemplify the true meaning of luxury. As your feet sink softly into the plush carpet, your discerning eye will take in the little extras that place our First Class on a plane far above the ordinary.

When you snuggle into your newly installed, highly comfortable, 180-degree recline, sleeperette, we will ensure that you disembark at your destination just as fresh. The two-abreast seating ensures you are always in an aisle seat or a window seat. Never in between. The ethnic interiors, you will observe, are designed to be particularly pleasing to the eye.

The Air show constantly screens your flight pattern, aircraft altitude and speed. And much more

The gracious service, on the other hand, will be, like it always is, a perfect model of efficiency and discretion, charming, yet never intrusive.

The warm smiles, of course, are on the house.

The fine art of exclusivity

As you sit back and relax aboard Air India's First Class, you could well be forgiven for thinking you are the only passenger on board. The First Class cabin seats just 12 passengers.

In flight Entertainment

Movies, TV shows, music, news and more

We welcome you aboard with a promise to add zing to your journey with our large number of channels and variety of programmes

In flight Experience

Food at Maharajah now at your table

We welcome you aboard with a promise to add zing to your journey with our large number of channels and variety of programmes

India a place where rich cultural traditions and heritage co-exist in perfect harmony with development and technology is one of the most chosen tourist destinations around the world and as the number of the visitors to India has increased thus the "Maharaja" of the sky "Air India" now popularly known as "Indian" has most distinguished place to bridge the ongoing demand.

With its operations in London and Headquarters at Mumbai Air India's subsidiaries comprises of Express and Cargo. The company's slogan, which keeps its employees going, is "Your Palace in The Sky". With the fleet of 38 aircrafts which include Boeing 777-200, Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-200LR etc has reach to all the major cities of the world which includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, Frankfurt, and Toronto . The airlines also provide cargo services. The airline's famous logo is a red coloured flying swan with the 'Konark Chakra' in orange, placed inside it. The flying swan had been morphed from Air India's characteristic logo, 'The Centaur', whereas the `Konark Chakra' was reminiscent of Indian flag's logo".

Being under the immense pressure of competitive aviation industry, Air India commands a respect for being the oldest member of the clan. With many years of exceptional service behind it, this airline is one of the most preferred airlines in India and with bases in Mumbai and Delhi, the airline conducts regular flights to many destinations – within and as well as outside the India. Along with providing the ultimate flying experience and comfort, the airline ensures that airfares are kept reasonable at all times so as to be accessible to the wide majority.

Maharaja Lounge, the airport lounge serviced by Air India, is as established and reputed as its owner itself is. The airline owns 5 such lounges, three of which are located in India at Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai and two international lounges are situated in New York and London, where the first and business class passengers can have drinks and other refreshments before boarding the plane.

The business class passengers are rendered special services on board. They are given the joy and pleasure of enjoying large cabins and comfy chairs with the exception to choose their menu with smooth champagne or vintage wine. It also has the facilities of audio video on the demand. The Air India Express provides cheap flights for passengers to make it affordable for them to travel to all parts of the world. The airline also provides top class quality services at really affordable and convenient rates. The Air India staff, on and off board is very polite and hospitable.

Air India's new Boeing 777-300ER is a stretched and longer range version of the basic model. It has 342 seats in three-class configuration - four First Class, 35 Executive Class and 303 in Economy.

Air India is mid-way through receiving 23 Boeing 777s that are on order, a mix of ultra long-range 777-200LRs and extended range 777-300ERs.

Non-stop flights have been introduced between Mumbai and New York and Delhi-New York following the induction of the B777-200LRs. The extended range B777-300ERs have been deployed for direct flights between India and Toronto via London.

As more B777-300ERs are gradually inducted, Air India will deploy these aircraft for operating services from multiple points in India to multiple points in North America via a European hub, thus providing direct connectivity.